Book Reviews

Charlene K – This is a book to celebrate. My professional life in part is to assess cognitive development in children. Utilizing the multiple intelligence approach for those children who have a history or diagnosis of a reading disability cam be trying when the child associates reading with a negative experience. This is one such book that children will be drawn to. When a child sees Snowball dance, when a child interacts with animals. their curiosity overrides the tendency to shun reading about them. Thank you Irena Schulz for seeing the beauty in Snowball and sharing him with the world. Both of you have touched the hearts of many more than you know and many more to come.

Kelli F – I read it as soon as I got it and every library should have it…so, please consider donating a copy to your local library! It is a great book!! Informative…..almost believable from Snowballs perspective…hehe. Great work! I was so surprised by the content. I expected a cutesy picture book and what I got what an inside look on what our feathered friends may be thinking about us, and what dumb mistakes we make (not on purpose, just cause we don’t think). The book was insightful….and gives people a different perspective of what being a bird slave, ahem owner, means. Brilliant.

Brenda H – I opened the beautiful glossy cover of “Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo” and immediately became engaged by Snowball’s world of parrot friends and companions with him at Bird Lovers Rescue. Told from Snowball’s point of view, I learned about his wonderful human caretaker, “Yellow Crest” and their adventures together through Snowball’s shenanigans with potential adoptive families to his fame and fortune as a “dancing cockatoo.” The book captures Snowball’s personality wonderfully and makes you want to know more about this bird and birds in general. Bird facts and brief history lessons are interspersed in with Snowball’s story making the book educational as well as entertaining. The illustrations are as colorful as the beautiful parrots portrayed and make the pages come alive. “Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo” helps the reader understand the dedication that human caretakers must have to provide an enriched environment for these birds to thrive since captivity is so different from the wild natural habitat of parrots. Snowball is a special bird with special talent to keep rhythm with music and this brought media attention and scientists to study him. His story is compelling and sweet and is told well in this book.

Kelley S – I just read a wonderful parrot book called, “Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo.” It’s the true story of how a talented little cockatoo achieved international fame as a You Tube sensation, television rock star, and scientific study subject – all by rocking out to the beat of his favorite tunes. This book is REALLY well written, very interesting, and extremely entertaining. I loved it. Snowball lives at Bird Lovers Only rescue in South Carolina, and I recently had the pleasure of meeting Irena Schulz, Snowball’s mom and owner of Bird Lovers Only. All proceeds from the sale of this book go to Bird Lovers Only, so not only would you get a really good book for you and your kids, but also you’d help a wonderful organization. I HIGHLY recommend this book.